GMO Free Josephine County

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Who Are We?


The GMO Free Josephine County Food Integrity Project was established in Grants Pass, Oregon and has been creating healthier, more aware and educated communities since July 2013.



What are Our Goals?


The primary goal of the GMO Free Josephine County Food Integrity Project  is to support and empower food establishments to be trailblazers and role models for food integrity within their community, and to give the people they serve local, GMO-Free choices when they dine out.

We work with restaurants and other food establishments to create GMO-Free menu options, and connect them with the patrons who care.

By providing education and awareness events GMO Free Josephine County strives to connect the bounty grown by our local farmers with the residents throughout the beautiful Rogue Valley and all of Southern Oregon thereby expanding the network of clean, healthy food grown with integrity.