How Does it Work



How Does the Project Work?


The GMO Free Josephine County Food Integrity Project  is a voluntary program offered to all interested local restaurants, bakeries, coffee shops, food carts, and other food-oriented sites.

The Project offers a recognition-status and verification to local businesses and who offer GMO-Free menu options. Food establishments are visited by members of the GMO Free Josephine County Food Integrity Project team to determine how many GMO-Free menu options are currently available at the establishment, and assistance and support is provided to create additional options.

Participation in the Project is designated by a Leaf Award System ranging from 3 to 5 Leaves depending on the number/percentage of menu items verified to be GMO Free.  Following verification, each establishment receives a decal with the GMO Free Josephine County Food Integrity Project logo with their designated Leaf Award, to be displayed on the front window or front door of the participating food establishment.  This decal designates their ongoing commitment to providing healthful menu options.




What is the Leaf Award System?


The Leaf Award System describes each level of participation within the Project:

       3 leaves represent 3 or more GMO-Free menu items

         4 leaves represent 50% OR MORE GMO-Free menu items

       5 leaves represent 90% OR more GMO-Free menu items

You will see these Leaf Award decals displayed on the front window or front door of each the participating food establishments affiliated with The Project.   Be sure to let the restaurant know you are dining at their establishment specifically because they are members of the GMO Free Josephine County Food Integrity Project.  They will appreciate knowing!!